Each Family is unique, and surely each one has its own belief and way of forming their own Israel Family Tour . Hence, the following program is only a suggestion – a foundation on which our experts will specially design your custom-made itinerary according to your budget, schedule, and special traditions and needs

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Each Family is unique, and surely each one has its own belief and way of forming their own Israel Family Tour . Hence, the following program is only a suggestion – a foundation on which our experts will specially design your custom-made itinerary according to your budget, schedule, and special traditions and needs… We will carefully choose the sites you visit and accommodate you according to your choice and abilities, be it a Luxury Hotel (such as King David or Mamila Hotel in Jerusalem, the Scots Hotel in Tiberias, Dan Carmel Hotel in Haifa, Isrotel Beresheet at the Negev or a Kibbutz hotel such as Kibbutz Lavi)– all in an effort to make it the once-in-a-lifetime experience it ought to be – Israel Family Tour!!!

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Day 1

Arrival – Jaffa – Welcome Dinner

Arriving at the Ben Gurion International Airport, you will be welcomed by our representative, who will help you through the formalities and introduce you to the private guide we assigned to make this journey meaningful israel family tours. We drive to the ancient city of Jaffa, the gateway to the Land of Israel, desired by generations of Jews,Israel Family Tours. This is the perfect place to stroll through the alley-ways, watch the sun set over the Tel Aviv Seaside, and slowly get acquainted with the Land of Israel.Israel Family Tours Together with your guide you will have a local Israeli Welcome-Dinner after which you definitely earned a long night sleep in Tel Aviv (We highly recommend staying at Dan Tel Aviv hotel)

Day 2

Tel Aviv – Alona Park – Zichron Yaakov – Gan Hanadiv (Rothshild Park) – Haifa

We set out later than usual, in order to overcome our jet-lag, and make a short city-tour of Tel Aviv. We board the bus to experience adventure at the Alona-Park where you will crawl through man-made tunnels, created in order to bring water to Caesarea israel family tours. From here it is a short distance to Zichron Yakov, one of the pioneer villages sponsored by the Baron Rothschild, which still keeps the atmosphere of those days… After lunch we visit GAN HANADIV, the Memorial Park dedicated to the Rothschild Family, combining the history of the re-settlement of the Land of Israel with the special views and past of the region israel family tours. We end the day at the famous Haifa Panorama Lookout, overlooking the marvelous Baha’i Gardens – a World Heritage Site. Check-in for 3 nights at a Kibbutz-Guesthouse in Galilee (Although it is a simple accommodation, we highly recommend staying at Shaar Hagolan Country lodge exploring a real Kibbutz)

Day 3

Acco (Acre) – Rosh Hanikra – Zefat (Safed) – Dinner & Kabbalah Night Tour

Drive to Acco (Acre) to visit the underground “Knights Halls” extraordinarily preserved since the Crusader Times, the Acco-Prison, remembering the brave Jewish underground-fighters who were imprisoned and executed by the British here, the Turkish Bath where “The Last Bath Attendant” will tell you some of Acco’s Legends , israel family tours, after which you will experience the typical Bazaar, with the colors and odors of the orient… In Acco we will also visit the Tunisian “Or Hatorah” Synagogue, a life-endeavor of a simple Jew who created a unique synagogue, covered with mosaics that depict the Jewish History & Religion. Drive to Rosh Hanikra right at the Lebanese Border, where we will go by cable-car down into the grottos carved by the sea… Driving along the “Northern Road” we reach Zefat (Safed) – Capital of the Kabbalah. Towards sunset we tour the different synagogues and look at some art-galleries, before entering a local restaurant for dinner.Israel Family Tours, Night-time is when the real Kabbalah-Experience begins! A Kabbalist will meet us, and lead us on a spiritual night-tour through Safed, to get the spiritual teachings of the Kabbalah right under our skin! Spiritually aroused we return to our Kibbutz for Over-Night.

Day 4

Kibbutz Tour – Mt. Beatitudes – Capernaum – Sailing the Sea of Galilee – Golan Heights Jeep Tour

After breakfast one of the Kibbutz-members will join us for a tour through the Kibbutz. From the Mt. of Beatitudes we will have a splendid opportunity to enjoy the view of the Sea of Galilee (Lake Kinnereth) and visit the peaceful church built at the site by the famous Italian architect Antonius Berluzzi. Israel Family Tours,Then we will visit Capernaum’s archaeological excavations, including the known Synagogue. We will also sail on the Sea on a boat imitating the historical boat found in the lake that reminds us of the Christian traditions of Jesus’ deeds on the lake. Israel Family Tours,We end this special day with a rough Jeep-Tour where we climb to the Golan Heights, experiencing its strategic value and its challenges in past and present. Dinner and Over-Night in a Kibbutz in Galilee.

Day 5

Hamat Gader – Jordan Valley – Jerusalem: Mt. Of Olives – Gethsemane – Absalom’s Monument – Western (Wailing) Wall (Kotel)

We start the day at Hamat Gader, an ancient spa that today provides a few attractions for each and every age, from a crocodile-farm and up to some natural hot sulfur baths. After spending a couple of hours there, we drive along the Jordan Valley and ascend to the Holy City – Jerusalem! The panoramic view from the Mt. of Olives is a suitable place to understand the history of Jerusalem, which made it known as “The Holy City”. A leisurely walk takes us down, through the holy Jewish Cemetery, to the Garden of Gethsemane, famous for its ancient Olive trees, and on to “Yad Avshalom” – the monumental Petra-style Tomb, attributed to Absalom, son of King David. To complete the day we will visit the Wailing (Western) Wall, the last remnants of the Jewish Temple, where you will be able, like thousands before you, to pray, or write your wishes on a note and put it between the stones of the ancient temple… Over-Night in Jerusalem, we highly recommend choosing the Mamila Hotel which is located just next to Jaffa Gate and provides excellent facilities

Day 6

Jerusalem – Old City: City of David – Davidson Center – (Temple Mount) – Via Dolorosa – Arab Market (Suq) – Church of the Holy Sepulcher

Today we will continue visiting the Old City, with its various sites, holy to the three monotheistic religions. Visit the City of David, the very ancient Jerusalem, “where it all began”, including (those who dare!) walking in the water through the almost 3000-year-old Hezekiah’s Tunnel. At the Davidson Center we can see the recent excavation of the Southern wall of the Temple Mount and hear in an audio-visual presentation about the Jewish Pilgrims who ascended 3 times a year to the Temple in Jerusalem.If open to visitors, we will also visit the Temple Mount, with the Muslim Dome of the Rock and Al Aqsa Mosque.Israel Family Tours- Now we walk through the colorful oriental market of the Old City, the “Suq” – a mixture of colors, odors, sounds and smells, along some of the “Stations” of the “Via Dolorosa” – traditionally Jesus’ Way of Suffering – to the Church of the Holy sepulcher, where according to Christian tradition Jesus was crucified and buried. Over-Night in Jerusalem.

Day 7

Jerusalem – New City: Israel Museum – Yad Vashem – Menorah by the Knesset – Camel Ride – Bedouin Hospitalit

Israel Family Tours – Visit the recently renovated Israel Museum, where we will take a look at the Model of Jerusalem during the time of the Second Temple, and the “Shrine of the Book”, housing the original Dead Sea Scrolls. Proceed to Yad Vashem, Israel’s National Holocaust Memorial, followed by a visit of the famous Menorah (Candelabra) situated in front of the Knesset Building, housing Israel’s Parliament. Now we leave Jerusalem and drive into the Judean desert, where we will spend the night in a Bedouin-style encampment! Before sunset we will ride through the desert on camel-back, and end the day with a “Chafla” by the fire in a Bedouin-style Tent, experiencing the traditional Bedouin hospitality…

Day 8

Masada – Dead Sea – Departure

Climb Masada on the original Roman Ramp, and after a thorough visit of the palace that became a symbol for modern Israel we will descend by cable-car. We end the tour easily floating (not swimming…!!) on the Dead Sea, famous for its healing qualities, and using the facilities of the site to clean-up for our home journey. Transfer to the Ben Gurion Airport by Tel Aviv for your flight back home.

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