It will depend on your nationality. You can find official information on Visa requirements here
A private tour is an experience specially planned for you, based on your taste, desires and will. You will be able to the maximum each destination in your itinerary without having to wait for anyone.
Yes. Your passport must be on you all the time not only while visiting cities in the Palestinian Territories, but also in Israel. It is highly recommended that you make a photocopy of your passport and keep it with you luggage (As you should do with any other important documents, such as medical records and local IDs)
No. Unless force major (earthquake, tsunami, etc) come forth, we will still tour be it rainy, cold or blazing hot - we will of course take the necessary precautions for the well-being and safety of both our guests and staff.
Yes. Please bear in mind that some attractions have age limits, as well as not all hotels are prepared to receive small children. Please inform your tour operator the children's ages during the booking process so that we can make sure to accommodate your whole party.