5 Things to do on a rainy day in Israel

Winter is here and that can only mean one thing: rainy season! But you have anticipated your trip to the Holy Land so much, that we cannot let a bit of rain ruin it! So here are the five best things to do in Israel when it rains:

Visit a museum

No matter where in the country you are staying, there is always a museum close by. And not all the museums in Israel are merely historical!

In Jerusalem, the Israel Museum has indoor exhibitions year- round and even a wing dedicated to families with fun and educational activities, storytelling, arts and crafts, an illustration library and more. If you are up north, you can enjoy the Madatech museum in Haifa and enjoy the planetarium or enjoy one of their 20 interactive exhibitions.

Go Shopping!

The Dizengoff Center in Tel Aviv has not only an excellent variety of shops for all budgets but also is built in such a unique way that I can dare you trying to exit through the same entrance you came in from! In Jerusalem, the Malha Mall or the Hadar Mall can keep your hands full and take you to areas of the city that are off the beaten path for tourists. There are also many Bazaars (Shuk) hidden around in the cities that are almost always covered.

Catch a movie

Either in the coziness of your hotel room (and maybe some room service to go with it?) or in one the multiple movie theaters around the country. The main chains are LEV (with a theatre located just out of Dizengoff Square), YES PLANET that has high-end 4D viewings and even a VIP service where you can have dinner and a movie at the same time (who said "date night"?) and CINEMA CITY another well established chain that offers 3D viewings and comfy seats.

Enjoy a warm cup of tea or coffee

There are many hotels in the country that have a High Tea service (like the American Colony Hotel in Jerusalem), an experience of flavor that can make amends for any rainy day during your trip. You can also hide from the cold in a cozy coffee shop and enjoy some Israeli delicatessen to go with it!

Go out anyway!

Israel's rainy season can be intense, but it is also beautiful as it allows us to see our beautiful land with new eyes - just make sure you are wearing waterproof shoes and warm waterproof clothing!

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